How to enable HIPAA Compliance on your Spoke Phone Account


HIPAA, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996, serves two main functions:

  1. Health Insurance Portability: It ensures people can keep their health insurance when they change or lose their jobs, reducing exclusions for preexisting conditions and preventing discrimination based on health status.
  2. Privacy and Security: HIPAA sets standards for protecting individual health information, requiring healthcare providers and related entities to maintain the confidentiality and security of protected health information (PHI). This includes rules on the use and disclosure of PHI.

Spoke Phone support full HIPAA compliance, including the supply/execution of Business Associate Agreement (BAA) agreements.

Eligibility and requirements for HIPAA Compliance 

The Spoke Phone HIPAA Compliance Add-On is available to any company, and requires that the company enter into a Business Associate Agreement with Spoke Phone.

Secondly, every user in the company must use the Spoke Phone Pro-CX User License in order to be HIPAA compliant.

Enabling HIPAA Compliance on your Spoke Phone account

HIPAA Compliance must be activated by your Spoke Phone Account Manager, Spoke Phone Customer Success team, or your Spoke Phone Partner. Contact Spoke Phone or your partner for more information.


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