BYOT: SMS Fail to Send to US Numbers


This article discusses failed SMS messages to US numbers especially for new BYOT accounts. It discusses where to look for specific error messages and solutions to specific scenarios and consists of the following sections: 

  • Where to look for errors in the Twilio console 
  • Unregistered Number

Where to Look for Errors in the Twilio Console 

Twilio keeps a log of your messages. This is the best place to look for errors preventing your messages from being delivered.

  • Within your Twilio Console, click Monitor on the top left of the screen. 
  • Click Logs
  • Under Errors, click Messaging
  • View logs and check errors.

Unregistered Number (No A2P 10DLC Campaign)

If the error displayed indicates the message failed due to the number not being registered to a campaign please click the link below.

Programmable Message and A2P 10DLC


Additional Information

Once the number/s is registered, assign the number to a user or a team to start using SMS. 






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