How to buy and delete phone numbers


Administrators can manage company phone numbers from the Spoke Phone Account Portal. This article will show you how to buy and delete phone numbers.

It contains the following sections:

Buying a geographic/mobile phone number

  1. Login to your Account Portal online
  2. Navigate to Phone numbers > Manage phone numbers
  3. Click on Buy new Number
  4. Choose the country
  5. If the country requires an address, type in your business address. 
  6. Click the acknowledgement box 
  7. Click Store Address
  8. Click on Buy when you're ready to buy the number.
*Search for specific numbers by using the area code search field 
on the phone numbers page. Make sure you don't use any spaces when
entering numbers into the search field.
*For SMS-capable mobile numbers, go to page 3 of the search results page.

Buying a Toll-Free number

Toll-free numbers in most countries are available for purchase. However, you cannot buy a toll-free number directly from the Spoke Phone account portal. If you'd like to buy a toll-free number or a custom phone number for your business please send in a request.

Phone number hosting charges

Phone number hosting is charged monthly and automatically billed on your invoice. Number hosting charges vary from region to region. Pricing also varies for number types such as geographic/landline, toll-free, and mobile. For more information on number pricing, please refer to the pricing page here.

Deleting a phone number

  1. Login to your Account Portal online
  2. Navigate to Phone numbers > Manage phone numbers
  3. Identify the phone number you wish to delete
  4. Hit the "Trash" icon next to the number and confirm the action.

Some number types (ported numbers, toll-free numbers, etc.) cannot be manually deleted from the account portal. This is to avoid accidental deletion and permanent removal of such numbers. 

If you do not see a trash icon next to the number you want to delete, submit a ticket telling us which number you want to delete and we will action this for you. 

What if I accidentally delete a phone number?

  1. Contact the customer support team as soon as possible.
Spoke Phone is a SaaS (Software as a Service) system and most changes are saved 
in real-time. If a number is deleted from your Spoke Phone portal 24 hours ago
or in the past couple of days it cannot be recovered.

Once a number is deleted it goes to the recycling bin for a period of six months
before it becomes available to anyone. If the deletion happened just a couple of
hours ago, there is a chance we could retrieve it and put the number back on
your Spoke Phone account. However, please note that there is a strong possibility
that the number will not be able to be recovered.


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