Spoke Phone has a dial by extension feature that you can set up if you want your customers to be able to dial-by-extension while listening to your IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

This article will show you how to configure your account for dial-by-extension. It contains the following sections:

Enable dial by extension

Follow the steps below to enable the dial by extension feature for your Spoke Phone account:

  1. Log in to your Spoke Phone online account portal
  2. Navigate to Other > Advanced
  3. Scroll down to Other settings
  4. Toggle the button for 'Allow callers to dial by extension number' to ON

Edit or re-assign extension numbers

When the dial by extension feature is turned on, Spoke Phone will automatically assign an extension number to all of your teams, users, and devices (softphones/desk phones). To edit or re-assign an extension number:

  1. Log in to your Spoke Phone online account portal
  2. Navigate to Users
  3. Click Manage users
  4. Click the pencil icon for the user you want to assign/edit the extension number for
  5. Click the extension number displayed on the page
  6. Type in a new extension number
  7. Click Assign extension
  8. Click Save

Audio library changes

If you are using the Spoke Phone default company greeting (Nina the auto-attendant robot), you don't need to do anything. Nina's script will automatically change to the message below, so your callers know they can dial an extension number.

Welcome to {Your Company Name} and thanks for calling. If you know the extension, 
dial it any time. To talk to {Team A}, press 1..."

If you are using a customized company greeting, we recommend you record a new main company greeting so your callers know they can now dial an extension number at any time. Do not forget to also update your replay voice menu.


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