An alternative to porting your numbers


This article provides information on how to change your numbers, as an alternative to porting them to Spoke Phone. It contains the following sections:

Why you may consider changing your business phone number

Porting or diverting a number from your current carrier to other providers like Spoke Phone can be a difficult process. It can be difficult because telecommunication companies do not want to lose your business, which leads to delays in the number porting or diverting process.

Many businesses who are too busy to go through the number diverting or number porting process choose to use new numbers provided by Spoke Phone. The benefits of using numbers provided by Spoke Phone include better call quality, lower costs, and time saved.

Questions to consider before changing to a new business phone number

  • Do you need the same amount of phone numbers you currently have?
  • Could you use another number that is easier to remember?
  • Do customers remember your phone number or do they have to search for it every time they call?

Many customers and clients do not remember individual business numbers. Instead, it is common for customers and clients to search for business phone numbers using search engines such as Google. Others may search for your phone number by looking through their emails or address book.

As many customers do not memorize business numbers, the impact of changing your number on your business is minimal in most cases. Typically, changing your business number is quicker, cheaper, and easier than porting your existing number.

Impact of changing your business phone number

The impact of changing your number is smaller than you think. On average, we see that 90% of incoming calls move to your new number in the first week if the process below is followed. By week two, 90-95% of incoming calls are made to your new number. Our statistics show that after 90 days, call volumes to your new number are similar to the call volumes you used to get to your old number. By following the process below, you may engage customers who do not have your contact details leading to higher call volumes!

Tips to minimize the impact of a number change

    1. Update your business listings on Google and Bing.
    2. Update your website with your new number.
    3. Send an email to all customers, asking them to update their records.
    4. Have a voice message on your old number, informing callers of your new number.


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