How to port your numbers to another provider


This article will provide information on how to safely port your phone numbers away from Spoke Phone.

If you are canceling your account with Spoke Phone and you want to keep using any of the numbers in your account portal, you will need to port these numbers away from Spoke Phone, to another provider of your choice. 

While we are always sad to see customers go, we believe in providing great customer support right to the end. That includes helping you safely port your numbers away to another service provider.

This article includes the following sections:

What happens if I cancel my account before porting my numbers away?

If we were to cancel your account before your number/s had completely ported away to another provider, the number would be permanently lost.

To make sure this doesn't happen, follow the process below. 


How to safely port your numbers away from Spoke Phone and cancel your account: 

Step 1: Submit a ticket to Spoke Phone

  • To start this process, have your administrator submit a ticket. 
  • Let us know that you are wanting to port your numbers away before you cancel your account. 
  • We will reply with the account information your new provider will need for Step 2 (below). 

Step 2: Ask your new service provider to raise a new port request for your phone numbers

  • For the purposes of this port request, ensure your new service provider uses the account information we provide to you. This will start the process of porting (transferring) the numbers from Spoke Phone to your new provider/carrier.
  • If your new service provider does not use the correct account details that we provided, the request may be sent to the wrong provider, and will likely be rejected. There is nothing we can do in this instance. 
  • If all the correct account information has been used, we will eventually receive the port away request from your new provider.
    • If you have told us in advance that you are porting away, we will approve the request immediately.
    • If you have not told us that you are porting away, we will reach out to you to verify the port away request before responding.
Once we approve the port-away request Spoke Phone has no control over, or access
to information about, the porting away of your numbers.

Your new provider will communicate with you about when and how the transfer
will take place.


Step 3: Delete unnecessary users from your Portal to reduce your subscription charges (Optional)

  • If you have more than three users on your account, you may be able to delete unnecessary users from the Directory page.
    • Please note: You need to have a minimum of 3 users for your account to function. Some contracts/subscription plans may prevent you from deleting extra users. 
  • If you let us know when you have done this step, we will adjust your subscription so you are only charged the minimum licensing fee until the numbers are ported away.

Step 4: Let us know when your number has successfully ported away so we can process the cancellation of your Spoke subscription

  • Once we approve the port-away request Spoke Phone has no control over, or access
    to information about, the port-away process.
  • For this reason, it is critical that you complete this step and let us know when your number(s) has successfully ported away. 
  • You will continue to be charged for your Spoke account until you complete this step.
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