Porting New Zealand numbers to Spoke Phone


Spoke Phone offers the ability to port your existing New Zealand number(s) to your Spoke Phone account. This means you get to retain the same phone number while you change your existing service provider or carrier for better coverage and connectivity.

This article will provide information on the process of porting New Zealand numbers to Spoke Phone. It contains the following sections:

How long does it take to port New Zealand numbers?

Number Type Approx. Processing time
Landline (Geographic) 1-2 weeks
Toll-Free (0800/0508) 1-2 weeks


How much does it cost to port New Zealand numbers?

Number Type Cost per number (excl. GST)
Landline (Geographic) $25
Toll-Free (0800/0508) $150


How to port your number to your Spoke Phone account

Before you can submit a port request, you will need to make sure you are a Spoke Phone customer and you have a paid subscription. 

Once you’re all signed up, submit a support ticket and our porting team will be in touch. They will provide detailed instructions and guide you through the entire process. 


Monthly number hosting fees

You get one free geographic landline number provided with your Spoke Phone account. For all other numbers that you port to Spoke Phone or buy from Spoke Phone, there is an ongoing monthly charge. See the current monthly hosting prices for numbers on the pricing page here


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