How to use the 'Add to CRM' button


When you get a call from a customer who is not in your CRM, you can add them into your CRM from the Spoke Phone app, during the call or after the call ends.

Add to CRM requires a custom integration to be built by your IT team or IT service provider.

Using Spoke Phone APIs and Webhooks, the Add to CRM feature can be added to any CRM, ERP, HRIS
or any other system that has an external API.

This article will show you how to use the 'Add to CRM' button to add new contacts or update existing contact information. It contains the following sections:

Adding an unknown number as a new CRM contact after a call ends

  1. After the call ends, go to Call history in your app.
  2. Click the Add to CRM button.
  3. Enter the person's name or part of their name and press Search.
  4. Review the search results to ensure the person is not already in your CRM.
  5. Press Add a new lead/contact.
  6. Complete the form.
  7. Press Save.

Adding an unknown number to an existing contact in your CRM

When reviewing the search results in step 4 above, you may find that this contact is already in your CRM.

To add this new number to their CRM record, press the Select button.

How long will it take to see the updated information?

As soon as you press Save, you will see that particular call history record in your Spoke Phone app, updated with the contact's name.

You may have other calls from that same number in your call history that are not yet updated to show the contact's name. This is normal.

Depending on how your IT team built your custom integration, it may take a few minutes for the CRM to be updated and that new information to flow back down to Spoke Phone. 

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