How to implement the 'Add to CRM' button integration


When you get a call from a customer who is not in your CRM or you make a call to a number not stored in your CRM, you can automatically add them into your CRM from the Spoke Phone app, during the call or after the call ends.

The Add to CRM function requires a custom integration to be built by your IT team or IT service provider. This is because every company configures its CRM differently and has different processes, rules, and security concerns about adding new records.

Using Spoke Phone APIs and Webhooks, the Add to CRM feature can be implemented in exactly the way your company needs, into any CRM, ERP, HRIS, or any other system that has an external API.

Steps to implement

  1. Go to the Developers section in the Spoke Phone Account Portal
  2. Go to the Webhooks tab and create a new Webhook
  3. Leave the Webhook in Test mode for now
  4. Subscribe to at least these events: call.contact_assigned_with_add, call.contact_assigned_with_update
  5. Build a program that listens to these events and update your chosen CRMs and other systems
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