Overview: Inbound Conversations Data Actions


The Inbound Conversations Data Actions Function allows you to intercept new inbound SMS, WhatsApp and Chat conversations, and programatically read the message details, set/change the intended recipient or team, reply to the sender, or even block the conversation totally.

Note: This data action only fires on the initial creation of a new conversation. It does not fire at any other time, such as on each message. We are adding a Message Data Action that  will let you intercept and manipulate each message within an ongoing conversation.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Inbound Conversations Data Actions:

  • Assign new messages to a specific user or custom group of users

  • Randomize which user in a Team gets assigned each new message

  • Assign a new message to a single user and it they do not respond within X minutes, add another user or reassign it

  • Assign a message to one or more users or groups based on the message content (what the customer said), the channel or number the message was sent to, the customer, and/or other rules.

  • Look up CRM data to determine who the customer is and what user or group of users should respond. E.g. This is a premium customer, send it to the Premium Care Team.

  • Creating a customized autoresponder for advanced use-cases such as responding with different messages based on the content of the message sent by the customer, different responses based on time of day or region, responses in different languages, etc.

  • Lookup CRM data to determine who this customer is and personalize the auto-response using their CRM profile

  • Block the conversation from being sent to your employees
  • Strip out content, such as media links, etc.

How to enable Inbound Conversations Data Actions

Please refer to How to set up Inbound Conversations Data Actions


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