How to Download and Store Call Recordings


Spoke stores call recordings behind secure URLs so that call recording links cannot be shared outside your organization.

Call recordings are accessible to:

  1. Users who were on the call, from the Spoke app
  2. By Administrators via the Call History report in the Spoke Admin Portal, where they can see, listen, and download to all recordings

Spoke records calls using Twilio Record, but moves call recording off Twilio to a secure location where access to those recordings requires a time-limited tokenized access URL.

If you want to download call recordings for use in your CRM or other use-case, follow the instructions below.

How to download call recordings

You can use the Spoke API to download call recordings.  You can download call recordings as they occur (using Spoke Webhooks), or download them periodically/ad-hoc calling the Spoke API.

Download call recordings as soon as calls end

  1. Create a Webhook in the Spoke Admin Portal
  2. Subscribe to the event: Call Recording Available
  3. Whenever a call recording is available, the Webhook will fire and you will:
    1. Capture the Webhook
    2. Parse the payload, extracting the recording URL
    3. Call the URL to download the recording and store where you need




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