How to Increase the Maximum Number of Webhooks Available On Your Account


Each Spoke account comes with 10 Webhooks allowing user-defined HTTP callback that gets triggered by specific events. When an event occurs in the source application, it sends an HTTP POST request to the configured URL of the webhook in the destination application, which then processes the event payload and takes appropriate actions.

For example, let's say you have a webhook set up between a payment processing service and your e-commerce website. When a customer completes a purchase, the payment service sends a webhook notification to your website, letting it know that the transaction was successful. Your website can then update the order status, send a confirmation email to the customer, or perform any other necessary actions.

Webhooks are commonly used for various purposes like real-time notifications, data synchronization between applications, triggering workflows, and integrating third-party services. They provide a flexible and efficient way for applications to interact with each other without constant polling or manual intervention.

Webhook Limitations

  • Your Spoke account comes with 10 Webhooks by default
  • You add to your Webhook limit by purchasing Webhook Packs than contain 10 more Webhooks per pack
  • You can add as many Webhook Packs as you need
  • There are no limitations to the number of Webhook you can have

Purchasing Webhook Packs

Contact your Spoke Account Manager or submit a ticket on this support website.

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