Overview: Build custom integrations with Microsoft Power Automate

Spoke Phone provides 'out-of-the-box' basic integrations to popular CRM's such as Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce. These integrations provide only the basics and cannot be customized.

Using Microsoft Power Automate, coupled with Spoke Phone's Webhooks and APIs gives you powerful additional integration features:

  • You have total control over the integration.  Customize exactly how you want the CRM to be updated with contact and phone records.  Likewise, have complete ownership of the contact data that is populated and updated in Spoke Phone.
  • Near real-time integrations in both directions.  Use Power Automate to harness Spoke's super fast Webhook event data to rapidly respond to important customer phone calls. 
  • Extend the integrations to support Dynamics 365 custom data fields, processes, or actions.
  • Concentrate on defining and building valuable business workflows, let Microsoft take care of the low-level software infrastructure and hardware needs.
  • A powerful logic tool, quick to update, quick to test, easy to maintain.
  • Build new business processes, to trigger data updates or workflows in other systems and create immediately actionable data from your mobile phone workforce.

Sample integration: Microsoft Dynamics 365

Spoke Phone has created a set of sample flows to get you up and running with the most common scenarios using MS Power Automate to integrate Spoke to Dynamics 365.

The integrations rely on Webhooks for fast notification and processing of new data resulting from interactions within both Dynamics 365 and Spoke.  The updated data is usually processed within seconds of the event occurring.  The Power Automate Spoke to Dynamics365 sample flows are designed to:

  • Synchronize contact data from the CRM into the Spoke phonebook so that Spoke Phone users have the most up to date contact information available from the CRM.
  • Update the CRM with new phone numbers for new contacts as well as new phone numbers assigned to existing contacts.
  • Update the CRM with phone call information such as Call records, voice notes, submitted mobile form data, etc.
  • The above mentioned are the most common scenarios covered within these example flows, we encourage customers to alter them and extend them to fit the unique needs of the business.

All the assets required to get started, including detailed onboarding guide for installing and setting up the example integrations, can be found at the following location:

Sample Integrations

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