Overview: What is a Custom Insights Application and how to build one


Spoke Phone Insights help employees have knowledgeable and personal customer conversations, by presenting rich customer insights before and during phone calls and conversations. The goal is to give customers a better experience (a Human-to-Human Customer Equation) and close more business.

Spoke Phone Insights can include any information from any CRM, Support & Ticketing system or any 3rd party application or data you have.

The Insight Cards are rich data cards that can contain images, links, buttons, tables, and rich text to bring your customer journey to life.


Example Insights Card showing on a customer call


When do Insights Cards Display?

Insights Cards are displayed in the Spoke Phone app when employees are about to call a customer (so they can see all about the customer before they call), and when a customer calls or TXTs the employee.

During a live phone call, employees are able to scroll through and read all the insights cards relating to the customer so they have a great understanding of the customer's journey with your company.

Why do I need Insight Cards when I have a CRM?

  1. Insight Cards display content from multiple applications, not just your CRM
  2. insight Cards unlock your CRM and other system content and make it visible to employees that may not have access to your CRM/other systems
  3. Insight Cards can be accessed wherever the employee is, on a mobile phone or computer without having to log into multiple systems
  4. Insight Cards are contextual and are built in real-time, so employees always have the full story and the right information to be able to have a personal and contextual customer conversation

How do I build an Insight Cards Application?

An Insights Application is a piece of code that pulls together data from one or more systems (your CRM, Customer Support System, ERP, HR System, etc.), and passes that information to your employees using Spoke Phone.

Here's how it works:

  1. Employee using Spoke clicks on a contact record or gets a call
  2. Spoke calls your Insights Application and passes in some parameters such as "here who is calling, this is the employee, this is the number they called, etc.)
  3. Your Insights Application gathers whatever data this employee is allowed to see and passes it to Spoke
  4. The employee sees the data in the Spoke Phone app

It's relatively easy to build an Insights Application using:

  1. Developers your have at your company
  2. Spoke Phone Professional Services Team
  3. Spoke Phone Integration Partners
  4. 3rd Party Developers you hire

Getting started today

Spoke Phone Custom Insights are currently in private BETA.  Contact your Spoke Phone Account Executive or Spoke Phone Partner to get Spoke Phone Insights enabled on your account.




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