How to create and assign Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists for employees to use when making outbound calls


Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists are lists of phone numbers that employees are allowed to select when making outbound calls.  A CallerID (or ANI) is the number shown to the person you are calling. By creating and assigning Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists, you control what phone numbers your employees are available to select.

Example: You may have multiple departments, business units, or brands. When placing an outbound call, a single salesperson may want to call from brand A or brand B, etc.

How to create and assign Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists

  • Log into your Spoke Phone account portal
  • Go to Other->Advanced -> Call Routing
  • Click Add list
  • Give the list a logical name for who will be using the numbers and what brands/functions they support, such as West Coast Sales, or Mercedes Parts and Service
  • Select one or more CallerIDs (numbers) that the people assigned to this list will be able to use
  • Add one or more people who will be able to use this list
  • Save


Assigning users to Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists from the user profile

As you add users to Spoke, you can assign them to an existing list.

  • Log into your Spoke Phone account portal
  • Go to Users->Manage Users and Edit a user 
  • Select the Allowable CallerID (ANI) List
  • Save


Rules and exceptions

  • You can create as many Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists as you need
  • A list can contain a maximum of 20 numbers
  • A user can only be assigned to one list
  • Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists are not configurable from Directory Sync
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