A Team Inbox lets you consolidate customer SMS, MMS, and WhatsApp messages into a single place, so internal teams to collaborate and respond seamlessly to customer messages while remaining compliant.

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Team Inbox Availability

Can be added on for any Team in Spoke Phone. For example you may have a Team Inbox for the entire company, or one for Sales, another for Support, etc.

User Licensing

To be a user that can see and respond to messages sent to a Team Inbox, the user must be on the Spoke Pro-CX license.

Deployment Availability Available for both Spoke Cloud and BYO Twilio customers.

Activating the Team Inbox Feature

Customers must request their Spoke Account Manager or Spoke Phone Partner to turn on Team Inbox for their account.

Activation and enablement overview

What you can do by yourself in a few clicks for free

  • As a company Administrator you can log into the Spoke Phone Account Portal and easily set up a Team Inbox for any Team.
  • This self-serve implementation is limited to SMS Messages only, you need Spoke Phone to assist in activating WhatsApp.
  • You are also able to set specific options such as "auto-reply" and how conversations are closed/handled.

What you can do with a  developer or using the Spoke Professional Services team

  • Build custom message routing assign messages to a single user or group of users based on messages content and/or other rules

  • Send personalized auto-replies to customers based on the content of the message they sent and/or other rules

  • Set other specific options via an API such as "auto-reply" and how conversations are closed/handled.

Things that require Spoke Phone Professional Services

Implementation packages

  • Refer to this page for pricing on the various packages for Custom Team Inbox configuration, WhatsApp setup, and Opt-Out Compliance.

Features and capabilities


Supports SMS, MMS and WhatsApp conversations started by a Customer.

Automatically route messages to a Team

Turn on Team Inbox for any Team in Spoke. Every user in the team gets alerted to new messages and can reply to the customer. Users see each others replies as the customer replies.

Custom Message Routing

Implement custom message routing logic to fit your specific use-case. For instance you can:

  • Assign new messages to a specific user or custom group of users

  • Randomize which user in a team gets assigned each new message

  • Assign a new message to a single user and it they do not respond to the customer in X minutes, add another user

  • assign a message based to one or more users or groups based on message content, number, customer, and/or other rules.

  • Look up CRM data to determine who this customer is and what user or group of users should be responding. E.g. Premium Customers.

Auto responders

Each Team Inbox supports a simple automated response sent back when a customer first sends in a message. E.g. “Thanks for contacting Customer Support, one of our Agents will be with you soon.”

Fully customizable auto-responders are supported too. For instance:

  • Respond with different messages based on the content of the message sent by the customer

  • Different responses based on time of day or region

  • Responses in different languages

  • Look up CRM data to determine who this customer is and personalize the auto-response using their CRM profile

Opt In/Out Message Compliance

Supports the varying global regulatory rules around SMS and WhatsApp message compliance, ensuring your business stays compliant with anti-spam laws. E.g. allowing customers to opt in and opt out of beng sent messages by your company.

Claimable Conversations

A user is able to Claim a conversation that sent to a group of users. By claiming a conversation, all other users are removed from the conversation, and this single user can now work with the customer.

For customers that want to send Team Inbox conversations more control (different assignment rules by message, customer, etc.) they can use Spoke’s Inbound Message Data Action to build whatever assignment conditions they like.








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