Overview: Opt-Out Message Compliance


There are increasing regulations the world over, that control the way in which businesses are able to send SMS and other messages to customers

Which laws and regulations apply will depend on the particulars of your text use-case. This includes where the texts originate, where recipients of your texts are located, where your company is located, the industry you are in, and the content of your text messages. 

To help our customers address some of these compliance hurdles, Spoke Phone maintains global block lists for you, and provides custom welcome messages, custom opt-in and opt-out keywords so customers can Opt-In and Opt-Out of being sent messages by your company. 

What’s Advanced Opt-Out?

Advanced Opt-Out gives you granular control over the end-to-end compliance experience for your customers. You can customize opt-in, opt-out, and help keywords and confirmation messages on a global basis and add per-country or per-language overrides.

With the ability to customize the compliance journey, it becomes easier to deliver a better customer experience for global customers, extend your brand voice to every interaction, and ensure you remain in compliance of region-specific regulations.


Opt-in is a customer's consent to receive messages from your business. 

When a user sends an opt-in keyword, we remove the block list entry for the customer's number – if one exists – and notify them via a confirmation message. With custom opt-in, you have control over the Opt-In keywords (up to 20 custom keywords, e.g. YES, SUBSCRIBE, UPDATES, OPTIN, etc.) and the welcome message or confirmation.

Using this functionality you can add specific keywords that personalize the experience, match your brand, and make it easier for consumers to understand what they’re opting into.


Just as critical as an opt-in is the ability for a user to easily revoke permission by replying STOP, UNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL, etc.

Much like new opt-in keywords, you can customize up to 20 custom opt-out keywords (in addition to ‘STOP’) and define a custom opt-out message to leave a lasting, positive impression.

Language / Regional Overrides

Some customers want to provide a different experience in the different countries they operate in – and often that includes a need to regionalize compliance language. Sometimes the brand name is different, sometimes there are multiple languages that need to be recognized, and in other cases, local regulation requires a different experience.

You’re able to define messages and keywords in multiple languages. Using Advanced Opt-Out, you can reply to a non-English request in the local language, or define specific responses to your customers’ messages based on regional requirements. 

Updating your CRM or other databases

When a customer sends a message that triggers an opt-out or opt-in keyword, you can be notified via a Webhook so you can update your CRM. 

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