How to Access the Spoke Phone Sandbox Demonstration Account for WhatsApp


Because WhatsApp for Business takes some time and effort for you to set up, we've created a sandbox playground so customers can try out Spoke Phone's Business WhatsApp integration.

In the sandbox you will be able to test real-world scenarios and play with being both a customer using WhatsApp and an employee using Spoke Phone to chat with customers over WhatsApp.

What you will be able to do

In the sandbox account you will be able to:

  1. Outbound: Start a conversation with a customer on WhatsApp
  2. Inbound: As a customer, start a conversation that a team in Spoke Phone can reply to
  3. See and select example and approved WhatsApp conversation starter templates
  4. Observe the WhatsApp conversation request and 24 hour block rules in action
  5. Send/receive text, images, files etc. with WhatsApp users

Accessing the Spoke Phone Sandbox Demonstration Account

  • From the Spoke Phone app, log out of your production Spoke Phone account
    • Note: While logged out of your production Spoke Phone account, you no longer be offered calls or messages
  • Log back into the Spoke Phone app choosing: Sign in with email

  • For the email address, use the format below:
    • Take the email address you currently use to log into the Spoke Phone app for your production account, and insert this text right before the @ symbol:   +spokedemo

      • If the email you use with Spoke Phone is:
      • Sign into the sandbox account with:

      • Press Verify and you will be sent the login code to your normal email, e.g.
      • If when you press Verify you get this error, you have not been invited to the sandbox account. In this case contact your Spoke Phone Account Executive who can add you.


Once you have finished playing in the sandbox account, remember to log out on the Spoke Phone app and log back into your company's production account.






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