How to Transfer a Call to a Colleague Inside the Company or an External Party Outside the Company


This article will show you how to use the Spoke Phone app to transfer live calls to:

  • A colleague who also uses Spoke Phone
  • A contact in your CRM or other database
  • A contact on your mobile phone's address book
  • Any phone number you enter into the Spoke dialpad

How to transfer a live call

Follow the steps below to transfer a live call using the Spoke Phone app:

  1. If your phone screen is locked, unlock your phone. 

  2. Tap the Transfer button on the call screen. 

  3. If you company has enabled External Call Transfers, then you will be able to select any internal, or external contact, or enter the phone number you want to transfer the call to

  4. If your company does not allow External Call Transfers, then you will only see your Internal Contacts (your colleagues inside the company)

  5. Search to find the relevant person or enter in a number on the dialpad, then tap Transfer to

  6. A screen will pop up giving you options to: Transfer, Announce then Transfer, or Send to Voicemail.

  7. For Transfer

    1. Your call will end immediately

    2. The caller will be connected to your selected transferee or number

  8. For Announce then Transfer:

    1. The caller will be put on HOLD and hear hold music

    2. You will be connected to the transferee

    3. You can talk privately with the transferee while the caller remains on hold
    4. When you are ready to take the caller off hold:

      1. Connect & Leave to connect the caller to your transferee and leave the call.

      2. Connect & Stay to take the caller off hold and have a 3-way conference call with the original caller and your transferee.

  9. For Send to Voicemail:

    1. This option is only available when transferring to an internal colleague that also uses Spoke Phone

    2. Selecting this option will put the caller directly into your colleagues voicemail so they can leave them a message

Depending on the current availability of the colleague you are transferring 
the call to, some of the transfer options may be greyed out / unavailable.

For example:
If the colleague you select is 'unavailable' the only option for
transfer will be 'Send to Voicemail'. 'Transfer' and 'Announce then transfer'
will be greyed out and unable to be selected.


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