How to send internal chat messages


Spoke Phone's internal Chat allows Spoke Phone users to send and receive chat messages and files to one another using the Spoke Phone app.


All Spoke Phone users can chat with each other all around the world and without the need to have an SMS-enabled phone number enabled on their profile. Spoke Phone's Team Chat provides a free internal chat service for your entire team.

Setting up your Spoke Phone app to send/receive chat messages to your teammates

  1. Open your Spoke Phone app and go to the Internal directory
  2. Slide left to activate the menu and tap the message icon OR tap on the teammate name to open their profile, then tap the message icon
  3. Type a message, press the send arrow!

Current limitations of Team Chat

Today, Team Chat is restricted to 1:1 conversations between two Spoke Phone users. Users are unable to group Team Chat at present or include external customers in chats.

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