How to send voicemail messages to Trello


This article will show you how to use Spoke Phone's voicemail-to-email feature, to send voicemail for any call group into any Trello board.

It contains the following sections:

Step #1: Set up Trello

  • Go to your Trello account.
  • Go to the Trello board you want voicemail to be added to.
  • Click show menu > more > email-to-board settings.
  • Copy the email address that Trello creates.
  • Set what list and position you want the new cards (voicemail) to appear in.


Step #2: Setup Spoke Phone

  • Login to your Spoke Phone account online.
  • Go to call groups > manage call groups.
  • Edit the call group (whose voicemails you want to send into Trello).
  • Paste the email address from Trello into the field called send voicemail notifications to these email addresses.
  • Save the call group changes and you're done!


Whenever a voicemail is left for this call group it will be added to the Trello board, including the call details, the voicemail transcription, and the audio file.

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