How to create a SIP trunk to/from Spoke Phone


This article will show you how to create a SIP trunk to/from Spoke Phone. 

It contains the following sections:

Creating a SIP trunk

  1. Login to your Spoke Phone account portal.
  2. Go to other > SIP trunks > add SIP trunk.
  3. Trunk name: It's a good idea to name the trunk for the PBX, contact center, or infrastructure you are connecting to. E.g. "Cisco Melbourne office".
  4. Spoke Phone SIP trunk region: Select the region closes (geographically) to your infrastructure
  5. Click next, and you are done.mceclip0.png

The SIP Trunk is created and will display the authentication and IP addresses that you need to configure your PBX/contact center.

Copy down the authentication, IP addresses, and other information provided as you will need this. 


Using your SIP domain

The SIP domain we provide you will follow this pattern:

Appending the destination to the SIP domain

In order to send the call to the correct user, device, or team, you will append the extension number to the SIP domain to create your SIP Invite.

Spoke Phone issues extension numbers to users, devices, and call/hunt groups. To see and edit your list of extensions:

Once you have the extension number of the user, device, or team, simply append the extension number to the SIP Domain like this:


so if the extension number is 200, then:


So if the SIP domain we provide you is:

And the Spoke Phone extension you want to send calls to is 200, then the SIP address to forward calls to will look like this:
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