Overview: Using SIP trunks to connect external phone systems or contact centers to Spoke Phone


This article will provide information about how Spoke Phone can be connected to external phone systems or contact centers. Using SIP trunks, you can send inbound calls from other communication systems into Spoke Phone, or send calls from Spoke Phone out to other communication platforms.

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How might this be implemented?

  • you may be adding Spoke Phone on top to Cisco, Avaya, or another phone system, to give your users more mobility and better mobile features
  • you may have a contact center running on Amazon Connect, Twilio Flex, or RingCentral, etc., and you want contact center agents to be able to transfer a call to your Finance Team call group on Spoke Phone or to a specific user on Spoke Phone
  • your main company office in Sydney is using a legacy phone system but the support team is in Manila on Spoke Phone. When customers call into your Sydney office and your phone system IVR says "Press 2 for Support", you want to send the customer call over to the Manila team, who use Spoke Phone.
  • etc...

SIP trunks and SIP invites

You can easily achieve the above, and more, using industry-standard SIP trunks. By configuring a SIP trunk to Spoke Phone you can then configure your existing platform to forward calls using SIP to a Spoke Phone user, device, or a team of people in a call/hunt group, and visa versa. Spoke Phone can also send calls back to your infrastructure using the same SIP turn. Moreover, calls from Spoke Phone can be configured to go out via your existing carrier partner, using your existing call plans.

Here are some use-cases:

  • SIP to a Spoke Phone user - Rings the user directly
  • SIP to Spoke Phone device - Rings that one extension (which could be a kitchen phone) configured on Spoke Phone
  • SIP to Spoke Phone call group - Offers the call to the users in a call group based on the hunt and rollover rules set up for the call group in Spoke Phone
  • SIP to a user, device, or hunt group on Cisco/other - You can use Spoke Phone's unified directory to route/direct calls via SIP to any other telephony platform connected to Spoke Phone.


  1. Step #1. Create a SIP trunk
  2. Step #2. Add external phone system or contact center users, devices, and hunt groups to the SIP trunk
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