How to set up a Grandstream (GXP1620) desk phone


This article will show you how to set up a Grandstream (GXP1620) desk phone device for use with Spoke Phone. It contains the following sections:


Experience working with IP addresses and knowledge of general technical setup procedures is recommended when integrating desk phones with Spoke Phone. For this reason, we recommend getting your IT team or contractor to assist you with the setup.

Spoke Phone is unable to offer assistance or support (other than the 
information provided in help documents) in setting up and troubleshooting
desk phones.

Retrieve the SIP credentials for this device

Follow these instructions to add a new device to your Spoke Phone and retrieve the SIP authentication credentials you will need for the next steps. 

Reset the desk phone to factory default

If you have a previously-used phone, a factory reset is required. If your phone is brand new out-of-the-box, you can skip this step.

How to factory reset your phone:

  1. Press the menu button (center button of the directional pad). 
  2. Scroll down and select 'System'.
  3. Scroll down and select 'Factory Reset'.
  4. Press 'OK' to confirm the factory reset.
  5. Press 'OK' to confirm to continue.

Accessing the phone's menu

Obtain the phone's IP address

  1. Wait for the phone to reboot and connect to the network.
  2. Lift up the handle and replace it to ensure the menu is reset.
  3. Press the Next screen button on the phone (as shown below in red) - this will then display your phone's IP address.
  4. Note down the IP address

Bring up the IP address

Log in to the phone's Web Management Portal

  1. Open a web browser on a computer that's connected to the same network as the phone.
  2. Enter the phone's IP address from the previous section.
  3. Log in to the phone's web interface as an admin.
Note: The default admin username and password is typically admin/admin. If you do 
not know your username or password, contact the vendor of the phone.

Enter the account details and SIP credentials

  1. Click on Account > Account 1 and select General Settings as shown below.

  2. Update the fields highlighted in the image with the information from Spoke Phone's SIP credentials you noted down from the account portal in the previous steps.
  1. Click Save and Apply when finished. 

Enabling "Keep-alive"

  1. On the left-hand menu, go to SIP Settings > Basic Settings as shown below.
  2. Set the settings to the values highlighted in the image.
  3. Scroll down, click Save and Apply.

Enabling the Transfer Key

  1. Use the menu on the top of the page and go to Settings > Call Features as shown below.
  2. Set the settings to the values highlighted in the image.
  3. Scroll down, click Save and Apply to save.

Check Registration

  1. Use the menu at the top of the page, click on Status.
  2. You should see a green bar as shown below.
  3. If not, re-check all your settings, you may have entered something incorrectly.

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