How to add a desk phone or softphone device to your Spoke Phone account


This article will show you how to add a desk phone or softphone device to your Spoke Phone account.

You can add SIP Devices (desk phones, conference phones, common area phones, and softphones) to Spoke Phone using industry-standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

SIP Devices can be assigned to a user (so their desk phone rings/make calls from a desk phone), or left as stand-alone devices for common areas, such as conference rooms and kitchen areas.


Licensing requirements and limitations

  • You may assign a SIP Device to any licensed user for no additional cost
  • You may add a SIP Device as a stand-alone device for no additional cost

Stand-Alone device limitations

Stand-alone devices (e.g. conference rooms and common area phones that are not assigned to a Licensed User):

  • can have an extension number
  • can be called by internal users
  • can call internal users and extensions
  • can have both internal (users) and external (customer) calls transferred to the device (e.g. transfer a customer call to a conference room phone)
  • cannot make outbound calls to external numbers
  • cannot be added to Teams
If you need to have a stand-alone device (say in a conference room), that is able 
to make outbound calls, then you need to create a user called say "Conference Room"
or whatever, and Assign the device to that user.


Technical Requirements

Experience working with IP addresses and knowledge of general technical setup procedures is recommended when integrating desk phones with Spoke Phone. For this reason, we recommend getting your IT team or contractor to assist you with the setup.

Spoke Phone is unable to offer assistance or support (other than the 
information provided in help documents) in setting up and troubleshooting
desk phones.

Add a desk phone or softphone (SIP Device)

  1. Log in to your Spoke Phone account portal online.
  2. Navigate to Phones & Devices > Add Device.
  3. Enter a Display Name for your device. This should be a logical name such as 'Jason's Desk Phone', 'Kitchen Phone', 'Conference Room A", etc.
  4. Set the SIP Device Registrar/Trunk to Spoke Phone.
  5. Select the Type (this is a display field only, to make it easier for you to manage in the future)
  6. Select the SIP Device Region. This is important to ensure you do not have call latency. Select the SIP Region closest to your location.
  7. Click Save Changes to save the new device.

Assign/edit a SIP Device and get the SIP Credentials

  • Go to Phones & Devices > Manage Devices
  • Click the pencil icon to Edit the device you just added.
  • An Extension number is automatically assigned. You can change this by clicking on the number. 
  • Assign the device to a user? You can assign this device to a specific Spoke Phone user by selecting their name here.
Assigning a device to a specific user will remap the SIP Device's extension number to be the same
as the user's extension number.
  • There are three fields containing SIP credentials:
    • SIP Server/Proxy Address.
    • Authentication user name.
    • Authentication password.
  • Copy down all three SIP credential fields - you will need to use these when setting up your device. mceclip2.png



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