Overview: Supported and Compatible Devices


This article contains information about which devices are compatible for use with Spoke Phone. It contains the following sections:

Compatible mobile phones

Manufacturer Minimum O/S Minimum model
Apple iOS 14. iPhone 7 or above.
Samsung Android 9. 

Galaxy S8 or above.

Note 8 or above. 

Google Android 9.

Pixel 2 or above.

Android phone limitations

A lot of Android phones have power and data saving features that are enabled by default which prevent VoIP apps like Spoke Phone from receiving incoming calls consistently.

Android phones often turn off key services to applications that are not actively in use right now (applications that are open but running in the background). These services include data connectivity, WiFi access, and background processing which are needed for Spoke Phone to receive incoming calls.

If you are going to be using Android phones within your organization, you need to do three things to guarantee a consistent call experience:

  1. Ensure each device meets the minimum specifications listed in the table below
  2. Ensure each user has configured their phone settings to optimize their Android for Spoke Phone
  3. Ensure each user knows how to check their phone settings and repeat the optimization process upon experiencing any difficulties.*
Android users need to know how to repeat this process as Android phones have been
known to revert phone and app settings to default after a phone restart, or after
installing new software updates.

Minimum specifications for Android phones

To use Spoke Phone on Android devices, ensure they meet the minimum specifications and requirements listed below.

Item Requirement
Minimum Android O/S. Android 8.
Minimum internal memory on the phone. 3GB RAM.
Power/battery saver/optimization mode. Is turned off.
Apply phone optimization settings. Phone optimization settings.
What if my Android device doesn't meet the minimum specifications above?
If your Android does not meet the minimum specifications above, we recommend only using the Spoke Phone app in Carrier calling mode to ensure you receive all calls and notifications. 

Compatible desk phones

Spoke Phone is a mobile-first business phone system designed for the next generation of mobile workers who are mobile or remote and have no need or desire to use a desk phone. However, we understand that some users prefer a desk phone or may need a desk phone in a common area or room, such as the kitchen or waiting room.

Supported desk phones and setup guides:
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