How Spoke Phone Administrators Setup Business SMS for a User


Spoke Phone's Business SMS allows Spoke Phone users to send and receive business SMS messages using a company phone number, keeping personal and business SMS messages separated.

Buy an SMS capable phone number

You need at least on SMS capable phone number in your Spoke Phone Account, but you can buy as many SMS capable phone numbers as you need. SMS and messaging on Spoke Phone is very flexible, so for help determining the best approach, contact your Spoke Phone Account Executive. 

  1. Login to your Spoke Phone Account Portal online.
  2. Go to the Phone Numbers page, Buy New Numbers
  3. Search for and buy a phone number showing the SMS enabled icon

Assigning the SMS-enabled number to a user, group of users, or Team Shared Inbox

  1. To assign a SMS number to a single user for their sole use, see How to assign an extension number or direct-dial-in (DDI) phone number to a user
  2. To assign a SMS number as a shared number to a group of users, see How to create and assign Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists for employees to use when making outbound calls or sending messages. 
  3. To assign a SMS number to a team of users collaborating on inbound customer SMS messages,  see How to Setup a Team Inbox (Shared Inbox)

What Spoke Phone users see when sending SMS messages

Once you have assigned SMS numbers to a Spoke Phone user, if they have been assigned more than one number or are part of teams with more that one SMS number, they are able to choose which number to send from when creating messages.



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