Adding Outbound Calling to the Spoke Speedy Operator Console For Twilio Flex


Spoke Speedy is an operator console for Twilio Flex, allowing Agents in Flex to quickly search millions of contacts and transfer customer calls in Flex, out to employees, suppliers, customers or other contacts/numbers.

Administrators can optionally enable Spoke Speedy to also allow Agents to place outbound calls.

Once enabled, Flex Agents are able to search Spoke Speedy to find employees, suppliers, customers or other contacts in CRMs, and place outbound calls from Twilio Flex.


  • Twilio Flex
  • Spoke Speedy Plugin for Twilio Flex, deployed to your Twilio Flex account.
  • CRMs, phone systems, or other contact databases connected to Spoke Speedy
  • [Optional] For companies with employees using Spoke Phone:
    • A new Twilio Studio flow
    • A new Twilio phone number

Configuring Flex Agents (Worker roles) to allow outbound calling

By default, Flex Agents need to be given the rights to use Spoke Speedy, and specifically, enabled for outbound calling.

Please see Activating the Spoke Speedy Operator Console for Twilio Flex Agents and Managers for the specific worker role attributes required.

Adding the default Twilio Studio Flow for enabling outbound calls to Spoke Phone users from Twilio Flex

For companies that have employees using Spoke Phone, follow these additional steps to enable outbound calling to Spoke Phone users.

Step 1: Add the Outbound Calls To Spoke Users  Twilio Studio Flow to your Twilio Account:

  • Click here to download the Outbound Calls To Spoke Users Twilio Studio Flow template
  • Import the template into Twilio Studio in the same account as Twilio Flex
  • Name the Twilio Studio flow: Outbound Calls To Spoke Users 
  • Open your new Studio Flow and replace the "orgid" variable in the Spoke-Org-ID widget with your Spoke Phone Organization ID.  If you do not know your Spoke Phone Organization ID, speak to your Spoke Phone Account Manager or follow the instructions below.


Finding Your Spoke Phone OrgID: You can locate your Spoke Phone Organization ID within the call history tab inside the Spoke Admin Console. 

Step 2: Obtain and assign a Twilio Number to the newly created Studio Flow.

Step 3: Add the Agent Attributes within Task Router and assign your new Twilio number to each Flex Agent's worker role as defined below.

TIP: The Twilio number will be the same for all Flex agents.


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