Configuring Transfer Favorites and CX Content in Spoke Speedy Operator Console for Twilio Flex


This article provides instructions on how to set/upload/update configuration options for Spoke Speedy's Programmable Operator Console for Twilio Flex.

To make life simple, configuration options are managed in a CSV file which you upload via the Spoke Account Portal.

The configuration options include:

  • Predefined favorites are shown to agents as they answer calls
  • Instructions and other customer experience content are shown to agents as they answer calls

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Setting up favorites

The SpeedyConfig.csv

Setting up CX Content (Customer Experience Content)

Uploading the SpeedyConfig (favorites and CX Content) to Speedy

Setting up favorites

Favorites are pre-defined during this process and are used by every Flex Agent using Speedy. You don't define favorites for an individual Agent.

The most common use-case for favorites is to show the most frequent transfer targets based on the (company) number that the customer called. For instance, if a customer calls this brand, this branch, or this department, etc., then show these favorites.

Another (less common) use-case for favorites, could be to show the most frequent transfer targets based on the caller's number. For instance, if this customer calls, then show these favorites.

Favorites can be:

  • Spoke Users, Spoke Call Groups, and Spoke Devices
  • Other phone system users, devices, and call groups (e.g. an external PBX like Cisco)
  • External contacts (such as suppliers), connected via a CRM (such as Salesforce) or uploaded to Spoke

Favorites showing in the Speedy Console


The SpeedyConfig.csv

Favorites are created as rows in a pre-defined CSV file called the SpeedyConfig.csv.



Will load favorites based on this number being called

Must be e164 format

Cannot have both columns completed

NumberCalled takes precedence


Will load favorites based on this number calling 


Can be any Spoke Extension, or any e164 external number

If >1 external contact is matched  to e164 numbers, the system will display the first found’s contact card

Favorite Extensions

Using the e- prefix defines this favorite as a Spoke extension


Favorite Numbers

Using the n- prefix defines this favorite as an external PSTN number



You can download the SpeedyConfig.csv template here.


Adding favorites to the SpeedyConfig.csv

For each inbound company phone number that you want to set pre-defined favorites to speed up Agent transfers, simply add a new row to the CSV file. This will usually be all your main company inbound numbers to departments, locations, etc. It should not be individual employee numbers.

Setting up CX Content (Customer Experience Content)

When an Agent answers a call from a customer, you can show the Agent instructions and other content based on the specific number being called, or the number that is calling.

Usually, this content will be things your Agent should know, so they provide a better service to the caller. For instance, based on the company number being called by the customer, you may want to provide your Agent:

  • A greeting the Agent should say when they answer calls to this number
  • Company info like directions, office hours, and other information relating to the number
  • Any other content you think will help the Agent and improve the customer's experience



What kind of CX content can Speedy show to your Agents?

Speedy can display any web-accessible HTTPS page in the CX Content area (see above).  This could be an internal Wiki or an external website.

Most companies create a series of internal Wiki Pages (one for each company number), which gives them the ultimate control to create and update the content easily. 

Speedy will render the web page in a mobile view format, so it's ideal if you design your content mobile-friendly.

Important: Speedy will only load valid HTTPS pages as CX Content.

Adding the the CX Content URL to the SpeedyConfig.csv

  • To display CX Content in Speedy, simply add the URL (to your content page), against one or more numbers in the CXContentURL column of your SpeedyConfig.csv file.
  • The URL you add must include https:// and be a fully formed URL
  • To make the CX Content specific to a number the customer is calling, you add the URL only to that number (row) in the SpeedyConfig.csv.
  • To display the same CX Content to every number, simply add the same URL to all the numbers you added to the SpeedyConfig.csv.
  • If you do not add a CXContentURL, Speedy will simply hide the CX Content Panel.

Uploading the SpeedyConfig (favorites and CX Content) to Speedy

Once you have your SpeedyConfig.csv file in the shape you want, you must upload it.

  • Go to your Spoke Account Portal and go to Integrations
  • Go to Manage Integrations and Edit the Spoke Speedy for Twilio Flex
  • Click on the UPLOAD button and follow the instructions
  • Once you get the Upload Complete message, remember that Agents will need to Refresh or Login to Twilio Flex to receive the changes.






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