Overview: User Availability And Presence


The Spoke Phone Availability and Presence determines a user's ability to receive calls and messages from customers and internal teammates.


Presence (status) Logged In, Logged Out, Suspended, Invited
Availability Available, Offline, On a Call, Busy




How availability and presence is set

System set Availability and Presence

On a call If a user is on a call, they are automatically set as: Busy, and no other calls will be offered to them. When they hang up, they are automatically set back to Available.
Log Out If a user logs out of the Spoke app, they are set to Logged Out and Offline.
Log In When a user logs into the Spoke app, they are set to Logged In and Available.


User set Availability

There are two Availability models in Spoke Phone. As as Administrator you can choose which availability model suits your business:

  1. Scheduled Availability
  2. Manual Availability

Scheduled Availability

By default, all Spoke Accounts are set to allow Users to set their own availability schedule in the Spoke App. Once set, the app will automatically mark them as Available and Offline based on the days and times the user sets in their Availability Schedule. See How to manage your availability in the Spoke Phone app

Manual Availability

Some organizations have users that act more like contact center agents, working on scheduled shifts that start at different times and days. These users want to be able to leave their Spoke app logged in at all times, and simple set themselves as Available at the start of a shift, and Offline at the end. See 




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