How to reset (delete and re-invite) a Spoke Phone user


This article will provide instructions on how to reset a user by deleting and re-inviting them to Spoke Phone. You may need to do this when:

  • The user gets a new phone and the old phone remains registered on Google/Apple.
  • The user's internet dropped while setting up the app or changing availability on Spoke Phone.
  • The user shows as online but does not receive any calls or notifications when you call them directly via the Spoke Phone internal directory. 
  • Users app is so far out of date it is unable to be upgraded.

How to reset and reinvite a user:

  1. Log in to the Spoke Phone account portal online.
  2. Navigate to users > manage users.
  3. Search or scroll down to find the relevant user.
  4. Click the trash icon on the RH side of the table to delete the user.
  5. This step is for Android users only:
      • Have the user navigate to app info for the Spoke Phone app on their phone.
      • Go to storage & cache (or similar - naming will vary depending on device).
      • Select clear cache.
      • Select clear storage.
  6. Have the user delete the Spoke Phone app from their phone.
  7. Have the user restart their phone (turn off and on again).
  8. In the Spoke Phone account portal, add the user again, inviting them by email (not phone number). 
  9. Have the user download the latest Spoke Phone app and log in using their email.
  10. Ensure Android users follow these Must do Android Optimisation steps.
  11. Ensure iOS users follow these Must do Apple Optimisation steps.
Note: Remember to add the user back into any Call Groups they belonged to 
and re-assign any DDI (direct-dial-in) phone numbers or extension numbers.

See: How to assign an extension number or DDI phone number to a user
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