How to bulk-add and invite users to Spoke Phone by email address


You can invite up to 1,000 users to Spoke Phone at a time, using the bulk-add and invite feature in Spoke Phone. For instance, download your LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) directory and upload it into Spoke Phone to invite everyone in your company.

When you upload users an email is sent to those users inviting them to download the app and log in to your company phone system. The user only needs their company email address to log in and use Spoke Phone.

This article provides instructions on how to bulk-add and invite users to Spoke Phone by email address. It includes the following sections:


Process overview:

  1. Create a CSV file of your users that you want to add to Spoke Phone.
  2. Upload the file to your Spoke Phone account portal.
  3. Spoke Phone sends out an invite to your users.
  4. They install the Spoke Phone app and log in using their email address.

Step #1: Preparing the CSV file for upload

  • Mandatory fields (columns) required: First Name, Last Name, Email.
  • Optional fields (columns): Team names, e.g. Sales, Support, Bookings, Finance, etc.
  • Your final CSV file should look similar to the one below.
  • The first row should contain the field names (your header row).


Team naming and use in your CSV file

If you have set up teams in Spoke Phone, you can automatically assign users to your teams during the upload. This will save you a lot of time. 

In the CSV file that you create, you can name your teams (in the header row) anything that you like. In the example above, we've used 'team 1', 'team 2', etc. You may want to use more logical names in your CSV file as in the example below.

  • To add a user to a team, add the number one ( 1 ) into the column.
  • To exclude a user from a team, leave the column blank.


When you upload your CSV file, Spoke Phone will show you the actual team names you've set up in Spoke Phone, and ask you to map your CSV column names to the actual team names in Spoke Phone regardless of what you called them in your CSV file. See the image below as an example.

Step #2: Uploading the CSV file and inviting users

Mapping the CSV columns to your Spoke Phone data

Spoke Phone will attempt to map your CSV columns to the correct field in Spoke Phone.

  • Go through each field and Confirm mapping.


  • If you have surplus fields in your CSV file, Ignore them so every field is either mapped or ignored.


  • Tap Review to ensure all your data is mapped correctly.


  • Tap Complete when ready, and Spoke Phone will send out invites to the users you uploaded.

Example invite your users will receive

Your company name and administrator name will be merged into the email.






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