Deploy Spoke Phone into your Twilio account (SID) or Twilio Flex Project

Important: Before you set up Spoke Phone, visit this chart
to determine the appropriate deployment model
to suit your needs.
Twilio Regions
When setting up your Twilio Account, please select US1 as the account's region.
Spoke supports Twilio Edge today, and will support Twilio Regions
once Twilio release all components regionally, and go to GA.


How to deploy Spoke Phone into your Twilio account or Flex project:

  1. Create a new free Spoke Phone account here.
  2. Check your inbox for the verification email and click on the Activate my account link.
  3. A new tab will open, select your country from the dropdown menu then click next.
  4. When you get to the Twilio Account step, copy and paste your Twilio Account SID and Auth Token on the specified fields and click next.
  5. Select an existing number already in your Twilio account or get a new number. Screen_Shot_2021-12-14_at_2.14.42_PM.png


IMPORTANT: Due to security reasons, only new Spoke Phone accounts
can be deployed into customer provided Twilio accounts.
Existing Spoke Phone customers cannot be moved and
will require a second Spoke Phone account to be
created and the set up replicated.


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