A Step-By-Step Guide to Creating and Giving Compelling Spoke Phone Demonstrations


This article provides all the tools Spoke Phone partners, Twilio Account Executives, and Twilio Solutions Engineers need, in order to set up, demonstrate, and sell compelling communications solutions to their customers. This guide includes:

  • Setting up the ultimate demonstration platform
  • Demonstration data so demonstrations are compelling and industry-specific
  • Demonstration playbooks that tell compelling user stories


  • A free Spoke Phone account
  • A Twilio Flex Project
  • Administrator Access to a Twilio Flex Project
  • An appropriately skilled developer who has a reasonably technical level of knowledge and competence in working with Twilio Accounts, Twilio SIDs, Flex projects and configurations, and general use of the Twilio Console and Twilio Studio

Sections and subjects covered in this guide

Part A) Creating the demonstration environment

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Creating a Twilio Flex Account
  3. Creating a Spoke Phone Account and Downloading the App
  4. Deploying Spoke Phone's functions, Flextensions, and plugins for Twilio
  5. Creating demonstration users in Spoke

Part B) Delivering compelling demonstrations

  1. Demonstration Data
  2. Demonstration Playbooks



Part A) Creating the demonstration environment

Step 1: Create a Twilio Flex Account

  • If you do not have a Twilio Flex account/project already, create a new Twilio Flex project
  • Ensure the account has credit on it, so you can buy more than one phone number from Twilio
Important: You must use/create a Twilio Account in the US1 Region.
Spoke is working on supporting Twilio Regions in 2022.

Step 2: Create a Spoke Phone Account and Install the App

Step 3: Deploy the Spoke Speedy Flextension for Twilio Flex

Step 4: Deploy Spoke's Open-Source functions to Twilio Serverless

These functions make it easy to integrate Twilio Studio flows to Spoke Phone, sending calls from Studio to a Spoke user, group of users, checking availability, etc.

Step 5: Add another user to Spoke 

You can do great demonstrations by yourself, or with friends. Either way, you will need at least two logged in Spoke users to run great demonstrations. E.g. in order to show call transfers, chatting to teammates, etc. requires at least two users.

If you're going to be running demonstrations by yourself you can act as both users by logging into the Spoke App on your desktop as User A, and log into the Spoke App on your mobile as User B.

You'll already have one user (you) which was added when you created the Spoke account. You now need to create a second user and then login to the app.

Creating a second user:

Step 6: Get three more phone numbers on Twilio

  • Go to the phone numbers section on your Twilio Console 
  • Get three numbers. Make sure at least one of them supports voice/TXT

Assigning one of the numbers to yourself as a DID:

A DID (direct-in-dial) number will ring your Spoke app directly, by passing Studio or other call routing rules.

  • Go to the Spoke Account Portal's Manage Phone Number's area
  • You will see your new Twilio numbers listed
  • Select one of the new numbers that supports voice/sms, and click Edit
  • In the yellow box, ACTIVATE NUMBER ON SPOKE  (instructions)
  • Assign the number to yourself

We will set-up and use the other two numbers during the demonstrations.

Final Step, well, done!


Part B) Delivering compelling demonstrations

Log into the Partner Portal to access sales playbooks, demo scripts, and more.

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