Deploying the Spoke Directory Plug-in for Twilio Flex

The Spoke Directory plugin adds a Spoke tab to the Flex Agent call forwarding menu. This tab contains a list of the entries in your Spoke directory, allowing you to transfer incoming calls to any of your contacts in Spoke Phone. This article contains the following sections: 


Spoke does not yet support Twilio Regions.  
When setting up your Twilio Account, please select US1 as the account's region.
Spoke does support Twilio Edge and will support Twilio Regions fully, once Twilio completes the development and release of Twilio Regions into GA.

Maximum Directory Members

The Free Directory Plugin for Twilio Flex supports up to 250 entries (Users and Call Group) in your Spoke Directory. For companies with more than 250 users and call groups, use the Spoke Speedy Operator Console for Twilio Flex.


Minimum React Environment

Before deploying the plug-in, make sure that Twilio Flex is configured to use React 16.13.1

  • From the Twilio Flex Admin Panel, navigate to Developer Setup
  • Check that the selected React version is set to Latest (~16.13.1)Dev_setup.png


Once the prerequisite has been met, the plug-in can then be deployed.

  • Login to the Spoke Phone admin portal
  • Click Integrations
  • Click Add Integrations
  • Navigate to the Directory Plugin for Twilio Flex integration
  • Click Add to add the Flex plugin to your active integration


  • Select the phone number you want to use as the CallerID when transferring calls from Flex.
  • When you are ready to deploy to your Flex account, click Deploy



Deployment errors

If you had previously deployed and then deleted Spoke Speedy for Twilio Flex, you may get an error saying that this version name already exists when re-deploying it.

If this happens:

  1. Note down the Latest Version number for the Spoke Speedy Plugin for Twilio Flex
  2. Go to Manage Plugins in your Twilio Flex Admin Console
  3. Click on the plugin twilio-flex-spoke-directory-plugin
  4. Set the Version to the latest version number you noted down above
  5. Set the Status to Enabled
  6. Save your changes
  7. Don't forget to RELEASE your changes in Flex
  8. Go back to Spoke, and re-deploy the plugin again


Should you experience any issues with the latest deployed version, you may roll it back from the Flex Plugin Management page.

  • Click the version dropdown and select the version you want to roll the plugin back to
  • Click Save to persist the selection and this will create a pending release in your account


  • Click Pending Release to proceed


  • Provide a user-friendly name and description for your rollback release










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