Prerequisites For Using Spoke Phone With Your Twilio Account or Flex Project


Spoke Phone can be deployed into your own Twilio Account (SID) or Twilio Flex Project, giving you the benefits of having a single Twilio project/account for all your communications.


  • A free Spoke Phone account
  • A Twilio Account or Twilio Flex Project, set to US1 (Twilio Region)
  • Administrator Access to your Twilio Account or Flex Project
  • An appropriately skilled developer who has a reasonably technical level of knowledge and competence in working with Twilio Accounts, Twilio SIDs, Flex projects and configurations, and general use of the Twilio Console

Twilio Regions Not Yet in GA
When setting up your Twilio Account, please select US1 as the account's region.
Spoke Phone supports Twilio Edge today, and will support Twilio Regions
once Twilio release all components regionally, and go to GA.

Deciding on where to deploy Spoke Phone


Setup a free Spoke Phone account

Migrating existing Spoke Phone accounts to your Twilio account or Flex project, or between Twilio accounts

Due to security reasons, it is not possible to move existing Spoke Phone Accounts into or in between your Twilio accounts or Flex projects. The only time a Spoke account can be deployed into your Twilio Account or Project, is when you first create the Spoke Phone account.



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