Removing Restrictions on Twilio Free Trial Accounts to ensure Spoke Phone operates correctly


If you are using a Free Twilio Trial Account, you will not be able to make calls or use some of the Spoke Phone features until you remove these restrictions.

How will I know if my Twilio Account is restricted?

In the Administrator Account Portal: If you see this banner at the top of your Spoke Phone account, you are on a Twilio Free Trial Account.


At the top of the Spoke Phone Application:


When you attempt to place a call:


In your Twilio Account: You can also see it on your Twilio Account like this:

Free Twilio Trial Accounts are restricted by Twilio even though you may still have free credit inb the account. 

How can I Remove Twilio's free trial account restrictions so I can try out Spoke Phone?

There are two things you can do to:

  1. Add a Verified Number
  2. Upgrade your Twilio account to a paid account

Option #1: Add a Verified Phone Number to your Twilio Account

A Verified Phone number proves to Twilio that you are real, and they remove some of these restrictions.  Adding a Verified Phone number will allow you to test Spoke Phone calling, but there will still be limitations and potential issues as you attempt to use Spoke Phone.  We recommend you upgrade your Twilio Account.

To add a verified number, follow this article. How to Verify an Existing Phone Number


Preferred Option: Upgrade your Twilio Account

If you upgrade your Twilio account you remove all Twilio limitations so you can get the full Spoke Phone experience. We recommend you upgrade your Twilio Account with $20 so you can try out all the features in Spoke Phone. 

Free trial Twilio accounts are given a small balance for limited testing. Upgrading your account removes these trial limitations, and any remaining free trial balance.

Summary of Twilio's Free Trial account restrictions

  • You will not be able to call out of Spoke Phone (you will get an application error) until you either:
    • Add a Verified Number, or
    • Upgrade your Twilio Account
  • Twilio will play a "Please upgrade your account" message on every call, both in and out
  • You can only have one phone number
  • Calls cannot be recorded
  • You cannot send SMS messages or setup WhatsApp
  • Learn more about Twilio restrictions

What you can do on a Twilio Free Trial account

  • Assign the Twilio Free Trial phone number to Spoke Phone 
  • Deploy and setup Spoke Phone
  • Place a call into Spoke Phone for a maximum 10 minutes
  • Call between Spoke Phone users for a maximum 10 minutes
  • Chat between Spoke Phone users


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