Setting and Selecting Your CallerID In The Spoke App


This article contains information for setting and selecting your CallerID on the Spoke Phone app for desktop and mobile. 

It contains the following sections:

  1. Setting your default CallerID
  2. Manually selecting a CallerID for one call
  3. Additional information


A Caller ID is the number a person sees when you call them. You can have more than one CallerID. The CallerIDs that you are allowed to use is set by your company administrators. 

Setting your default CallerID

  • Click on the User icon
  • Scroll down and click on My CallerID
  • Select the phone number that you want as your default CallerID


Manually selecting a CallerID for a single call

Whenever you are about to make a call in the Spoke Phone app, you will be shown what number will be used as your CallerID.  You can change the number to be used as your CallerID before you make the call, simply by tapping on the number and selecting a different number/CallerID.



Additional information

  • When returning an inbound call from your call history, Spoke Phone will automatically use whichever of your numbers the caller originally dialed, as the outbound CallerID for your return call. 
    • Note: If the caller originally dialed a number that cannot be used as Caller (i.e. Australian 1300/1800 numbers) then your default CallerID will be used.
  • In Australia, it is illegal to use 13/1300/1800 numbers as outbound CallerID. Any calls using these numbers as CallerID will not connect.
  • How to create and assign Allowable CallerID (ANI) Lists for employees to use when making outbound calls


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