Integrating Twilio Studio to Spoke Phone and Deploying Spoke's Open-Source Functions for Twilio Studio


Pre-Built IVR in Spoke Phone

Spoke Phone comes with a pre-built fully automated IVR that supports basic use-cases. This single-level IVR is a great way to get started.

Custom IVR in Twilio Studio

Using Twilio Studio and Twilio Serverless Functions you can replace Spoke's simple IVR, with rich custom IVR flows and customer experiences that are personalized to meet your exact business needs. This includes complex multi level and data driven IVRs.

Combining Twilio Studio and Twilio Serverless Functions with Spoke Phone, you can now build and deploy a custom unified communication solution to your employees, without building any apps or complex phone system features.

Typical Use-Cases

  • Replace your PBX or cloud-phone/UCaaS provider with a more flexible system on Twilio
  • Move your IVR to Twilio for a better customer experience
  • Keep calls on Twilio for better security, privacy, and control
  • Launch your Twilio project faster


Spoke does not yet support Twilio Regions.  
When setting up your Twilio Account, please select US1 as the account's region.
Spoke does support Twilio Edge and will support Twilio Regions in early 2022.
  • A free Spoke Phone account
  • A Twilio Account
  • Administrator Access to your Twilio Account 
  • An appropriately skilled developer or IT resource who has a reasonably technical level of knowledge and competence in working with the Twilio Console, Twilio Serverless Functions, and Twilio Studio.

When to use Spoke's Default IVR and When to use Twilio Studio


Deployment Instructions

  1. Go to the Spoke Phone Github page
  2. Go to the twilio-runtime-spoke-api repository
  3. Follow the instructions in the README.MD





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