How to Fix Muffled Calls or Clicking on Calls when Using the Spoke Phone Desktop App


Some users may experience hearing a clicking sound when using the Spoke Phone desktop app, or perhaps calls are muffled.

The clicking problem may occur when the other party speaks so that on every second or third word you hear a clicking in the background, they are muffled, or their words are cut off. 


One thing we have found that causes this clicking, is when apps that use audio (Zoom, Spotify, Teams etc.) are opened and left open on their computers for a few days.  If you typically leave these apps logged in/open after meetings, this may be causing your issue.

We've found to fix the clicking problem on Spoke calls, simply restart the application and the clicking stops. Should the clicking resume in the next several days, simply restart the application again, or quit it when you're not in meetings.

Additional information

At this stage, we are unsure how or why exactly why these apps affect the audio on Spoke. Initial findings suggest the Zoom application hangs onto the microphone and/or other audio resources, thus interfering with or degrading audio on other voice applications over time.

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