Troubleshooting: Errors when making outbound calls


Occasionally, when you attempt to make a call from Spoke Phone you may receive an error message. This article will help you to troubleshoot and resolve the following outbound call error scenarios:

Error when claiming a call or returning a missed call 

When calls come into Spoke Phone, we save the caller's phone number so you can easily call that person back.

However, there are times when the phone number used by the caller is not a real phone number. This occurs when the caller uses certain services for calling such as Skype or WhatsApp with no set number. Alternatively, the caller may be blocking their number.

Unless the number used by the caller is a real number, you will not be able to return the call. It is similar to dialing an invalid number - there is nowhere for the call to go.

'No such number' or 'Complete number to call'

When you use Spoke Phone to dial a phone number, you may see either of these two messages on the dial-pad.

Spoke Phone knows what number formats are valid for each country, and, what actual range of numbers are valid in each country. If you enter a number and the call button at the bottom of the dialer will not light up and turn green, the number you entered is either not a valid format or not complete. 

'Your administrator needs to set up your country' error message

If you see this error message in the Spoke Phone app, email your company administrator and ask them to add at least one local landline number in your country.

This error only applies if you have set your Spoke Phone mobile app to use carrier calling mode. You see this message when you attempt to make a call from Spoke Phone but the company does not have a number in your country.

This is because, in carrier calling mode, Spoke Phone calls a local landline number to place the call and keep your mobile number private.


'Calls to this country are blocked' error message

Some countries are considered to be at high-risk for toll-fraud given the nature of their call charges and legal infrastructure. By default, Spoke Phone blocks calls to known high-risk routes. If you attempt to dial one of these countries you will hear an error message saying 'Calls to this country are blocked'.

Contact your account administrator to have a high-risk route block removed for your Spoke Phone account. 

Attempting to dial emergency services numbers from Spoke Phone

You are unable and forbidden to use Spoke Phone to dial 911, 111, 000, 101, or any other number reserved for emergency services in any country.

You must use a landline phone or your mobile phone's dialer to make all emergency calls. Please see our terms of Use for more info.


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