Troubleshooting: Call quality issues on mobile app


This article will help you to troubleshoot and resolve any of the following call quality symptoms:

  1. Answered, I could hear the caller, they couldn't hear me.
  2. Answered, couldn't hear anything, eventually ended the call.
  3. Answered, just heard hold music, eventually ended the call.
  4. We could hear each other for a while, then lost audio completely, eventually ended the call.
  5. We could hear each other but there were some words missing/cutting out.
  6. We could hear each other but there was scratchiness/clicking noises/echo/audio-delay/lag. 

It contains the following sections:

Guaranteed good call quality on 4G

If Spoke Phone is used with 4G mobile data in an area with good reception you should not have any issues.

To ensure your phone is using 4G mobile data, rather than connecting to WiFi networks within range, turn WiFi OFF on your phone while using the Spoke Phone app. 

We recommend testing for 1-2 days with WiFi turned OFF on your phone to see if your call quality improves when using 4G mobile data. 

Using WiFi

If you are using Spoke Phone with Fibre or NBN, with fast internet speeds you should have reasonably good quality calls, most of the time. In order to test this, you can use the following test to measure the quality of your network:

  • Run this DSL speed test, the same 2 times a day for one week.
    • To determine a quality network, you'll need the following results:
      • Overall: Minimum of an A result required
      • Bufferbloat: Minimum of an A result required
      • Quality: Minimum of an A result required

To get excellent call quality on all your calls, and prevent missed calls - we recommend you enlist the help of a local IT professional and get your WiFi and router configured to meet Spoke Phone's WiFi requirements for good call quality.

Other potential causes

99% of the call quality issues our customer's experience are caused by their own WiFi network. These call quality issues are typically resolved when the WiFi network has been configured and set up according to Spoke Phone's WiFi requirements

If you have ruled out your network as a cause of poor call quality issues (i.e. if you are still getting consistently poor call quality while on 4G mobile data, or while connected to a WiFi network that meets all our requirements), we recommend checking the list of other potential causes in the table below. 


Potential causes How to test/resolve
Bluetooth/Wired headsets

Make several test calls from Spoke Phone with the headset, then without. 

Get a colleague to test with you so you can see if the headset increases poor call quality symptoms.

SDK voice region

Open the Spoke Phone app and tap the person icon.

Go to Settings > My call quality > Select closest voice region.

Ensure it is set to the geographically closest region.

Alternatively, you can try setting it to Global. This will use some routing trickery to determine the closest region, however about 1-2% of the time this is not reliable.

Forwarded calls

If any of your company phone numbers are still with another provider and are being forwarded to Spoke Phone, this will cause call quality issues. 

Test by having a colleague call you several times on the number that is being forwarded, note any call quality symptoms.

Then have the colleague call you on any of your Spoke Phone numbers, or simply make a call out from Spoke Phone, note any call quality symptoms. 

We recommend porting your numbers or setting up a network-level diversion to resolve. 

Phone optimization

Some phones have battery-optimization settings that will stop an app from accessing 4G mobile data or WiFi in order to save phone battery. This can cause interruption to call audio and other call quality symptoms.

Work through the optimization steps for iPhone or Android.

Do this even if you have already done it in the past, as restarting your phone or installing updates can sometimes revert app/phone settings to default. 

Unsupported mobile phone

To ensure good call quality, use Spoke Phone with a compatible device (mobile phone)

If you are using the Spoke Phone app on an unsupported device, ensure it meets the minimum requirements, and make sure you follow all the guidelines for using an unsupported device

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