Troubleshooting: Mobile Phone app not ringing, or delayed ringing.


This article will help you to troubleshoot and resolve any of the following symptoms:

  1. Your phone does not ring when you expect it to.
  2. Your phone takes a long time to start ringing.
  3. You get a missed call notification, but your phone did not ring.
  4. You don't receive any calls or notifications from the Spoke Phone app. 

It contains the following sections:

When should I expect my phone to ring?

  1. Your phone is turned on and has been optimized for use with Spoke Phone.
  2. Your Spoke Phone app is set to available (not busy or offline) and you are not on another phone call when the call arrives.
  3. Someone calls your Spoke Phone DDI (Direct-Dial-In) phone number or extension number.
  4. Or, a colleague calls you directly via the internal directory or transfers a call to you. 
  5. Or, you are a member of a team receiving a call, and it's your turn to be called. 


Common causes and how to resolve

99% of the time, when our customers experience issues with their phones not ringing, this is caused by a specific phone setting that needs changing. 

  1. If you are using an Android device, follow the steps for Android phone optimization.
  2. If you are using an iPhone, follow the steps for iOS phone optimization.
If you have already completed the phone optimization steps in the past, 
we recommend doing so again as routine phone updates or restarting your device
can sometimes cause your phone settings to revert back to normal. 

Once you have followed all the optimization steps above, have a colleague call you from the internal directory in their Spoke Phone app. 

If you are still experiencing issues, we recommend checking the list of other potential causes in the table below. 


Potential causes How to test/resolve
Unsupported mobile phone

To ensure your phone always rings when it's supposed to, use Spoke Phone with a compatible device (mobile phone)

If you are using the Spoke Phone app on an unsupported device, ensure it meets the minimum requirements, and make sure you follow all the guidelines for using an unsupported device

Forwarded calls

If any of your company phone numbers are still with another provider and are being forwarded to Spoke Phone, this can cause delayed ringing.

Test by having a colleague call you several times on the number that is being forwarded, note any delay between them making the call, and your Spoke Phone app ringing. Then have the colleague call you directly from their internal directory.

If there is significantly less delay when they call you directly, we recommend porting your numbers or setting up a network-level diversion to resolve. 

Team settings

To see why your phone didn't ring for a call to a team you belong to, have your administrator check the call details for that specific call in the account portal call history.

Call details in the account portal call history will show if you were 'offered' the call or not. If you were not 'offered' the call at all, check the team settings, or see the section below for registration issues. 

Phone registration issues

If you don't receive any calls or notifications, your device may not have registered properly with Spoke Phone. 

To test, ensure you have allowed all notifications for the Spoke Phone app and you are set to Available in the app. Then get a colleague to call you directly from their Spoke Phone app using the internal directory. 

If your phone does not ring, and you don't receive any notifications after the call, there may be a registration issue. To resolve, have your administrator help you reset and re-invite your user

Bluetooth/Wired headsets

Get a colleague to test with you so you can see if the headset is interfering with your ability to receive calls/notifications. 

Have them call you directly on the Spoke Phone app, from the internal directory. Do this once with the headset, and again without. 


Related FAQ:

Why your phone may take more time to start ringing than someone else's.

It is expected that different phones will be quicker or slower to ring - even if they are the same model, connected to the same WiFi network.

Ringing time is dependent on the following factors:

  1. Your internet/data signal strength and speed.
  2. The quality/processor speed of your phone.
  3. What your phone was doing at the time it received the call. 

Here are some average ring times for common phones that we've tested.

Why you may get a missed call notification even though your phone did not ring.

If a customer calls a team that you belong to, it may or may not be your turn to answer the call. In other words, your phone may or may not ring. However, if another user (whose turn it is to answer the call) does not answer it in time, everyone in the group, including you, will get a missed call notification. This is to ensure that someone in the team rings the customer back.

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